P.E.T. Felt

Up close, it looks and feels like it’s made out of soft, luxurious wool. But our P.E.T. felt is developed entirely from plastic. Its versatility still manages to surprise and impress us; it can be used to create a plethora of wonderfully varied products. Through precision engineering, and a few considered blasts of intense pressure and heat, we can create complicated shapes from P.E.T. felt in finishes that range from smooth, polished marble to the softest foam.

A single sheet of this wondrous material can be transformed into almost any shape, bringing to life innovative 3D designs as single, solid pieces of furniture, minimising waste and maximising performance. All of this while avoiding the weakness or toxicity that comes with adhesive joinery.

P.E.T. felts are used throughout Pentatonic’s projects, in both water-resistant and breathable finishes. The performance properties of this material even extend to air purification. It literally pulls in carbon molecules from the air, cleaning your immediate environment.

There are no bio-based composites and it won’t rot or decay, regardless of climate. It can be used reliably outside. It can be washed, wiped and is robust enough for everyday use. With our PlyFix felt, anything is possible and that’s why it features so prominently across our range.