Proving that with the right innovation, even the least likely trash can be made into something beautiful, we present the Smoke Ring.

  • Height: 8mm
  • Width: 20.56-24.73mm
  • Depth: 20.56-24.73mm
  • Weight: 1.1-2.1g
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COLOUR Bonotto Floral
Material rCA

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  • Trash Saved
    1.6 Grams
  • Return Value
    6 EUR
  • What Trash?


Hundreds of cigarette butts go into each of our Smoke Rings, not that you’d ever know from the final product. Raw-waste butts are pressed together under high heat, and cleaned by our own original process. The result is a strikingly marbled, cellulose acetate board, that is completely non-toxic*. The ring has a smooth, closed surface to touch, which is due to the long cellulose fibres. 

*Approved by TUV for long-term skin contact

We then take these boards, and precisely CNC machine out our designs, in a process found in high-end eyewear manufacture. The offcuts are returned to an earlier stage in the process, and are never wasted.  This completes the transformation of the least likely trash source into a ring unlike any other — a perfect conversation starter wherever you go.