A rich textured polyester hopsack weave—made from your old bottles—is brought to life with a stunning 3D embroidery, reminding you of your cushion’s unbelievable origins.

  • Height: 50cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Weight: 723g
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Material rPET

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  • Trash Saved
    723 Grams
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    10 EUR
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You’d never know that this tactile, rich textured hopsack weave used to be your old bottles. It has a great hand feel but is sturdy for robust everyday use. The fabric is woven in England, and paired with a plump inner to create this comfortable cushion. We eschew button or zip fastening to avoid any uncomfortable hard edges, which helps keep the whole cushion as a single material, making recycling simple and widely available.  

But the real talking point is the stunning 3D embroidery, added with the utmost craft and technology of Italian specialists. The finish is something we’re delighted with, and will be a true talking point as well as a beautiful accent to your home.