Husky Phone Case (Olive)

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COLOUR Olive Green
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A synecdoche of our mission: recycling to protect something valuable. Our Husky Phone Case is a mixture of a trash you’ll know, and one you won’t. We combine recycled polycarbonate, found in DVDs; with rice husk, the tough inedible byproduct of rice farming. The rice husk is evenly distributed through the polymer by a complex process, adding organic flakes across the case, giving an visual detail and texture. At a material level, the rice bonds with the plastic to increase the stiffness, so impact kinetic energy would shatter the case before your phone.

Since we use only as much rice as to deliver these benefits, the re-recyclability of the PC is maintained. And unlike many other polymer organic blends, we use another waste material, rice, rather than a primary organic source, such as harvested timber.

A perfect fit for your iPhone 7 or 8, our case snaps to the back of your phone with the space for buttons and lenses. The back is embellished with a Pentatonic textured pattern, as unique as this case's extraordinary story.