One Chair, Multiple Personalities

From a desk chair to a lounger, to a bar stool and back again; all in hundreds of different colour combinations. Each Pentatonic AirTool Chair holds infinite possibilities.

The revolutionary gear design

A closer look at the design of the AirTool chair reveals how it’s possible to create these adjustments. The gear system holds an invention patent — the first this century in furniture — and allows you to move the axis of the legs through a series of different angles, which lowers or raises the height of the chair. Then, when the side bracket is added to the chair, you can use it to control the angle of the seat shell, allowing you to tip the seat forward or back in 10-degree increments.

A set up for every situation

Endless adjustability of the AirTool chair means that you can find a setting to suit every situation. Follow the instructions for the standard settings and you’ll have the perfect set up for an office chair or dining chair. If you’re after a more ergonomic seat set up, you can tip the seat shell forward so your knees are slightly lower than your hips.

Swap the short legs out for long legs, and you’ll create a chair that is well suited to be used as a bar stool. Keep it next to your kitchen counter for breakfast time, or as an accompaniment to your standing desk.

How do I adjust the chair?

Adjustment of the Airtool chair to a different set up is easy, and will take you about 30 seconds. You won’t need any tools either, except your own two hands.

To adjust the settings, simply unscrew the large bottle caps, slide out the spine from the side brackets and adjust the angle of the legs using the gear system. Then reassemble. Easy.

Create your own colour scheme

Each AirTool chair is created through the combination of different components. And because each component can be purchased separately, you can create your own colour scheme for the chair - as multi-coloured or monochrome as you’d like. Match it to the colour of your carpets, create a statement with bright colours, or close your eyes and click on random colours. Whatever you want, it’s up to you.

Start building now.

The Pentatonic AirTool Chair, available in endless combinations.