SRPX is a much quicker way of saying “Self Reinforced Polymer Matrix”. It’s also another product straight out of the Pentatonic trash lab. Reminiscent of carbon-fibre, SRPX is made up of layer upon layer of knitted fabric. We blend polyester yarns with varying melting temperatures, then very intricately heat and press the layers to create a material that has a perfectly smooth, strong finish and stunning knitted appearance.

This unique capacity to be topologically hardened has resulted in a knitted material which is incredibly light, durable and strong. SRPX is one of our highest performers, and – as with our PlyFix felt – the versatility it offers in design allows us to transform it into highly specialised 3D shapes, produced with minimal material waste, while avoiding the weakness or toxicity of adhesive joinery.

These crazy performance characteristics come despite SRPX being made from recycled, post-consumer waste plastic. Like all our materials, SRPX is capable of being fully re-recycled again in the future.

There are no bio-based composites and it won’t rot or decay, regardless of climate. It can be used reliably outside, is waterproof and can be washed.