A luxurious Jacquard pattern fabric — made in Italy by couture textiler Bonotto, but from your old bottles — is presented in a uniquely accessible product, in our innovative Bottle Wallet.

  • Height: 80mm
  • Width: 98mm
  • Depth: 7mm
  • Weight: 16g
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Material rPET

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  • Trash Saved
    16 Grams
  • Return Value
    4 EUR
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Bonotto is an Italian textile manufacturer renowned in the fashion industry as a maker of the finest luxury fabrics and the most artistic patterns. We worked with their teams to create fabrics that are true to that heritage, but recycled from your bottles. Here, we are delighted to bring those fabrics to you in a product that is uniquely accessible for such a fabric.

With that fabric as a starting point, we then add robustness and stiffness by laminating it to our Plyfix felt. We then laser-cut to size, which delivers a high-precision sealed edge reinforced with an edge stitch for the jacquard, and follow that with a heat-pressed series of origami-like folds, that complete the transformation of your old bottles into a special wallet.

The wallet has two internal compartments, each that can securely hold several credit cards or your cash. Then the flap at the front is perfect for anything you want easy access to. And with our buy-back guarantee, this wallet never runs out of money.