Smartphone glass is one of the lesser publicised large-scale waste problems that humanity needs to find a way of dealing with. The exceptionally high production standards of smartphone manufacturing create vast amounts of trash — for every phone sold, multiple screens are discarded during production. And, once a phone is abandoned after use, or when a screen is replaced, the glass falls into a waste stream that is highly specialised and tough to navigate.

Our glassware accessories are made exclusively from recycled Gorilla Glass, which is extremely popular in premium smartphone manufacture. Turning this high quality, scratch-resistant and strong material into homeware delivers revolutionary benefits to our products while simultaneously helping the environment.

Of all our manufacturing techniques, glass upcycling is the most manual and craft-based. Pentatonic technicians work closely with waste management firms to carefully sort and separate the glass, before it’s re-melted and re-set into fine glassware that is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant, making it ideal for regular home use.