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COLOUR Dark Grey Marl

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    Cigarette Butt

Your product is made from the equivalent recycled material to this trash, but exact trash items will vary.


Hundreds of cigarette butts go into each of our Smoke Rings, not that you’d ever know from the final product. Raw-waste butts are pressed together under high heat, and cleaned by our own original process. The result is a strikingly marbled, cellulose acetate board, that is completely non-toxic*. The long, organic fibers remain, giving a close surface with a smooth touch.

*Approved by TUV for long-term skin contact

We then take these boards, and precisely CNC machine out our designs, in a process found in high-end eyewear manufacture. The offcuts are returned to an earlier stage in the process, and are never wasted.  This completes the transformation of the least likely trash source into a ring unlike any other — a perfect conversation starter wherever you go.