An icon made ready for the future.


To support Starbucks with its plan to decrease its environmental footprint through innovative store design, we're working together to create furniture and textiles out of their own store waste.

Our first project together is to re-engineer the iconic Starbucks 'Bean' chair, crafted in the Pentatonic Trash Lab with waste from coffee cups and lids. The Starbucks x Pentatonic 'Bean' chair is modular, can be flat packed and is predominantly made with polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as P.E.T., the material found in plastic water bottles and frappuccino cups. The upholstery too uses the same recycled P.E.T. but transformed on precision looms into a soft but durable fabric. Using a single material across different elements of the product allows easy re-recyclability for the next reincarnation.

Launching 2019.