Forever in fashion.


Pentatonic transform the fashion industry’s surplus synthetic waste problems—from manufacturing off-cuts and customer returns to polybags—into premium, high-performance garment hangers.

Each model can be branded and made in a variety of colours, offering a superior aesthetic and durability, to non-recyclable wood laminate standards of the past.



Reinventing the relationship between art, design and materials.


’Fractured‘ was our first collaboration with New York’s iconic design practice Snarkitecture. Their designers reimagined the circular technology and precision engineering of our AirTool modular furniture system, resulting in a bench and table combination that both absorbed and jarred simultaneously.

Taking the existing and transforming it into something unusual and extraordinary, and multiplying it thousands or even millions of times. This is what Pentatonic does as a core principle. That’s kinda the future.
— Daniel Arsham, Snarkitecture


An icon made ready for the future.


To support Starbucks with its plan to decrease its environmental footprint through innovative store design, we're working together to create furniture and textiles out of their own store waste.

Our first project together is to re-engineer the iconic Starbucks 'Bean' chair, crafted in the Pentatonic Trash Lab with waste from coffee cups and lids. The Starbucks x Pentatonic 'Bean' chair is modular, can be flat packed and is predominantly made with polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as P.E.T., the material found in plastic water bottles and frappuccino cups. The upholstery too uses the same recycled P.E.T. but transformed on precision looms into a soft but durable fabric. Using a single material across different elements of the product allows easy re-recyclability for the next reincarnation.

Launching 2019.



Yesterday’s stirrers, today’s bar stools


We were delighted to provide these custom editions of the Airtool Bar Chair for Ketel One’s installation showcasing the sustainability possibilities of hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry. So much food and drink packaging is discarded, but we see only opportunity.

ketel one custom bar chairs
ketel bar pentatonic bar chairs

Plastics unlike you’ve ever seen before


From colour-popping jacquard weaves produced by Italian couture mills, to high-performance upholstery fabrics, the possibilities of P.E.T. fabrics now far exceed expectation — with all our products using recycled plastics like the plastic bottle that once held your water.

These fabrics make beautiful soft furnishings, like our range of cushions, and even more innovatively, can be thermoformed and bonded with P.E.T. felts to create anything from chair seats to wallets.

luxury fabrics recycled p.e.t.
recycled fabric weave production
recycled fabric weave production
Wallets pet fabrics.jpg

Smartphone screens reborn as iconic glassware.


Smartphone glass is the most premium grade glass on the planet, but a low recycling rate means so much of it goes to waste once devices are discarded. We decided it was worth salvaging.

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Pentatonic Handy Glass Smartphone
Pentatonic Handy Bowl, Smartphone.jpg

One material, four luxurious applications


Pentatonic developed a custom range of exclusive accessories made from a luxurious Italian jacquard, available for customers to purchase from Starbucks’ global Roastery stores, made using rPET waste.

The accessories range encompasses a tote bag, laptop case, card wallet, and a valuables tray. Each item is made from the same recycled PET waste—commonly found in single-use water bottles—but using Pentatonic’s proprietary technologies, transformed into a variety of applications with different properties. From the soft and insulated laptop case and tote bag, to the solid thermoformed tray and the folded structured card wallet, the wide potential of the material is showcased.

The colourful patterned jacquard that runs across the range pays homage to Starbucks’ new home in Milan, taking inspiration from bold abstract print designs made famous by Italian labels Pucci and Missoni. This link is continued through production, with the jacquard woven in Italy on the finest fashion looms more used to silks from the most prestigious luxury houses, juxtaposing Pentatonic’s technology of the future with the ultimate craft of today.



Modular construction. Revolutionary materials.


The Pentatonic Airtool furniture system is like no furniture you’ve seen before. Built around an ingenious central axle, this new method of joinery was awarded a US invention patent, and allows for 1,000s of adjustments and modular configurations. Not only are the height and angle of your chair easily reset, the chair itself can be used to make a desk, side table or coat stand.

The materials used too are just as revolutionary. Fully recycled and re-recyclable, old DVDs, cola cans and water bottles come back as the furniture of the future.

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pentatonic airtool chair fabric new clothes blue
Pentatonic AirTool Foil Table low side view.jpg
pentatonic airtool

One-of-a-kind Creations


Celebrating memories by recycling significant materials is the perfect example of the magic of our technologies. From branded special editions to innovative new uses for your businesses products, the possibilities are endless.

redbull custom chair
nike england custom chair